23 September 2011

Feline Friday: They're BAAACCK!

What's back? 

The weather recently turned a bit colder and (I'll admit) it got a bit chilly in the house before we finally broke down and turned on the furnace. (And of course, it wouldn't start -- but that's another story.)

And with the change of seasons, we saw the re-emergence of Tinsel's most artistic, yet practical creation -- Towel Tunnels. While I've never actually seen Tinsel making one, there can be no doubt that she's the architect. As soon as the weather gets chilly, Tinsel's the first (and only) cat around here to burrow deep under the blankets. Lily doesn't go for covers unless we're having a blizzard.

You can see one of Tinsel's Towel Tunnels from last winter here.

I found the season's first Towel Tunnel in Bailey's bathroom, normally the warmest room in the house, right next to the furnace vent.

Later I was surprised to find a Blanket Tunnel (based on the same concept) in the basement. Poor Tinsel must have been really cold to have resorted to this!

You can see that the Towel Tunnel and Blanket Tunnel are somewhat loosely constructed. Last year, Tinsel's Towel Tunnels got sturdier as the winter wore on. I'm sure she'll continue to purr-fect her technique again this year.

Our Tinsel may be quiet, but she's a smart girl!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Awww! Maybe Tinsel should come visit us...it's still in the 90s!

At any rate, good going Tinsel! I guess if you can't winter in Texas, that's the next best thing. :-)

Janet said...

Tinsel would probably love a warmer climate!

Linda said...

She is a smart kitty! I would love a blanket right about now, I'm not ready for this cold weather either.

Kristina said...

Love the towel tunnels! Our kitties don't like covers on top, but they can't resist laying on a stack of blankets