09 September 2011

Feline Friday: Something Very Naughty

I was upstairs working last night when suddenly I heard a loud BAM! in the kitchen. Generally a sound of this nature can only mean one thing:

Yep, Lily knocked Tinsel's food container off the counter (again) and was enjoying her fill of tasty morsels. Lots of them.

When it hit the floor, Eukanuba Active Longevity (Hairball Formula) scattered to the ends of the earth.

And when I arrived on the scene, Lily -- bless her heart -- was doing her best to clean it all up.


Fonda said...

uggggggg, good thing that wasn't on carpet!

Anonymous said...

LOL - that pet food scatters like a bucket full of superballs, doesn't it? We just moved our fridge and stove for "behind them" cleaning and found enough to feed the dog for a week.

We have to keep Sprite's locked in a cabinet to avoid this issue - she'd find away to jump on the counter and do what Tinsel did.

Kristina said...

LOL! We find the treat tin like like some morning and the funny thing is they don't eat them all...they actually leave treats...lol

It was good to see you yesterday. The sale was very successful!

Janet said...

Fonda - Yes, that would have been terrible! This was pretty easy to sweep up!

Stew - I'm sure some went under the fridge, too! Lily's been trying to reach it. I normally keep all of the food put away, too -- for this very reason! ha!

Kristina - Maybe it's the thrill of the "hunt"! I honestly don't know when Lily would stop eating in a situation like this. In all the time we've had her, I've NEVER once seen her leave food on her plate!

Great to see you this weekend, too. I'm glad you had a good sale. So wonderful of you guys to organize it for her family.