26 September 2011

A Busy Fall

I've been somewhat neglecting my blog lately due to the fact that I've been up to my ears in a variety of projects since July -- all fun stuff which I'm grateful to be doing! At the same time, I hope to get things under control very soon so I can get back to some "normal" activities. I haven't scrapbooked a single page since MAY and that alone is somewhat distressing to me!

 Among many other things, I've neglected my gardens which I had worked so hard on at the beginning of the summer. Fortunately, the sedum is looking beautiful right now. Hopefully those lovely bursts of color will draw the eye away from the areas of UGLY!

Last week the store where I teach held a big scrapbooking garage sale. Holy mole -- bargains galore! I participated as a vendor and took a few things to sell. In fact, I used the garage sale as an impetus to re-work some of the storage in my craft area.

Previously my space was comprised of folding tables and a variety of stacking drawers. I love stacking drawers, but the overall look was NOT pulled together. I bought a new table (actually a dorm-sized computer/gaming desk!) and two sets of Target cubbies. After I assembled them, I added canvas bins to some of the cubbies, leaving some spaces open for decorative storage containers. (Please ignore the bottle of Oxi Magic and cords all over the floor. This is a "transition" photo!)

Then I set about finding containers to fit inside the canvas bins so I could use the space as efficiently as possible. I ended up buying a variety of containers, including these "Really Useful Boxes" (that's really what they're called) at Office Depot for my ink pads.

The organization project is still underway and will be until I get a bit more time to finish it up. At that point, I'll post some photos. Meanwhile, it's back to work on those projects!

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Heather said...

Those do look like really useful boxes! I have a set of those cubbies in my craftroom and I really love them. And O has a set in his room. They have been a great way to organize his things and teach him the importance of organization.