14 September 2011

Cat Tote?

I've been going through my craft supplies and pulling old tools and materials for the upcoming Memory Bound garage sale, September 23 and 24. As part of this process (and believe me, it's a MESSY one!) I've been trying to consolidate some of my storage.

I recently ran across the tote I use to store my fabric paint. I collected quite a lot of fabric paint back in the day when I was making matching seasonal sweatshirts and t-shirts for Bailey and me. I even took a set of sweatshirts to the state fair and won a blue ribbon! But I'm no longer doing fabric painting. For some strange reason, Bailey doesn't seem to want us to dress alike! Go figure!

Fabric paint can be used on paper, so I'm keeping some of it, but I I thought I'd move it to a smaller tote and sell this one. It's a nice tote but takes up too much space in the closet.

But now, it looks like the tote may have to stay here...

Lily seems to have taken it over.

It's the purr-fect size for her!

And who knows -- with Halloween coming, maybe I could make us all matching sweatshirts!


Red Hill General Store said...

Lily is looking too cute! If that is possible.

Linda said...

Very cute. I have that same tote. Maybe I should give mine to Tiger.