31 March 2011


When I use the phrase "bad behavior" on my blog, I'll bet your mind immediately jumps to Lily. She's been known to do some extremely naughty things. But in this case, you would be wrong.

This time, culprit is TINSEL.

"Who, me?"


In recent months, our mild-mannered Tinsel has apparently been conspiring with Lily on new and innovative ways to wake me up at 3am. Between the two of them, they now have quite the repertoire. Up until now, most of Tinsel's techniques have been simply irritating -- no, make that REALLY irritating -- but not destructive.

Apparently I'm not responding quickly enough to her 3am hunger pains. In an effort to really get my attention, sweet Tinsel has recently started jumping up onto our dresser. I almost always hear her because my pretty glass things make a "tink tink tink" sound as she comes in for a landing. But I'm sometimes slow to rise at 3am, so our girl then starts pushing things off the dresser onto the carpet below -- usually jewelry and other loose items. Once she pushed a ceramic dish from the dresser. THAT certainly got my attention. Fortunately, it didn't break.

But last week, Tinsel tried something new while exploring the dresser at 3am: She ripped apart my beloved antique Valentine. Ironically, this tearing spree didn't even wake me up immediately. It wasn't until morning that I grasped the full extent of Tinsel's anger.

Of all the naughty things that have occurred around here, I'll admit that this one upsets me just a tad bit more than most. I really loved that Valentine.

Luckily, I love my kitties a whole lot more.

Okay, Tinsel. Message received.

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