28 March 2011

A Few Signs of Spring

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like spring is a little slow in coming this year. The winter hasn't been nearly as bad as those in recent memory, so maybe I expected it to slip out a bit early.

No such luck. Only this past week have I been noticing a few signs of spring, albeit a bit feeble:

* Tinsel basking in her favorite dining room sunny spot. It disappears in the winter but -- to her delight -- returns each spring.
* A few green blades of grass amongst the brown.
* No buds on the trees yet, but we have had some beautiful blue skies.
* Mulch bags appearing in hardware and grocery store parking lots. Surely garden tents can't be far behind, right?
* A few purple crocus popping up here and there in the yard, only to be nibbled by eager bunnies.
* Day lilies starting to emerge, reminding me of all the plants that need to be divided and moved this spring.
* Hyacinth tips in the front yard. Luckily Easter is a few weeks away, so they still have time to get their act together.

Perhaps these photos will remind me that it surely won't be too much longer before I can wear my sandals every day.

After all, the word "snow" is only mentioned a couple of times in this week's forecast.


Judy said...

Sadly...I don't see the picture(s) that go with this post. I could use a shot of spring myself. I'm hoping that by the end of this week when the warmer temps arrive...they will stick around and we can say good-bye to winter until December!

Janet said...

Judy -- Thanks for telling me that! The photo was JUST there and somehow disappeared! I'll try to fix...