17 March 2011

Book Centerpiece

Memory Bound will be hosting a Graduation Open House on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27. If you have a graduating senior, be sure to drop by for all kinds of great ideas for your grad party or open house.

Since I had a graduating senior last year, I'm now much more experienced in this department than I was in the past! :) Although I worked hard to keep our open house SIMPLE, it was still a lot of work. So my advice is to start planning your party NOW!

I've been making a few guest book and centerpiece samples for the Memory Bound event, and I'll also be taking some of my scrapbooks and the photo boards Bailey created for her open house last year. In addition, there will be many, many more items from other staff members which will inspire you and help you get ready for your own party!

This is a centerpiece made from books and covered with school paper available at Memory Bound. I made the bow from cardstock and a bit of patterned paper. This one has an Ankeny theme but of course Memory Bound carries paper for many other area schools, too.

This centerpiece is very easy and economical! I only wish I had thought of it last year. I may have to keep this idea for the college graduation open house in four (?) years! :)

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Heather said...

This is so cute!!!