26 December 2009

Santa Came! by Tinsel

After wee sended our ledders to Santa, we hanged up our stockings and went rite to slepe! (Can u tell wich is Lily's???)

Sum of u may not no dis, but Santa brot me heer 8 yeers ago, so I nose him PURR-sonally! It waz RILLY cold ridin in da slay!

An in da morning, we seed dat Santa had been at our howse!

He bringed eech of us our own can of yummy fuds wich taists lyke fishes! But we onlee had a teeny tiny sample so far.

We each got our own bag of Temptations, two! YAY! Also fishy tasting.

And Lily getted sum new nale trimmerz. And I getted sum catnip stuff. We will share ezzerieting, prettie much. We bofe had our nales trimmed last nite.

I am kinda glad Santa did not take Lily wif him, as I hoped. Cuz den I wood not have her treets to eat.



KarenSue said...

looks like a good kitty Christmas!

Maureen said...


What a great Christmas! You are very lucky kitties; ours got a new tunnel toy and lots of toys to chase too...

Santa is the best, isn't he? ;)