17 December 2009

Feline Friday: No interwebs!

Halp! My mommeh is ecsrtreemlie mad! I do not undurstand wut da problum is. No eeemayle? What is dat? I am a feemayle. I haz nezer seed a eeemayle. Haz u?

As if dat wasn't bad enuf, now we has no interwebs! I DO no what dat is becuz I sumtymes get to doo a Feline Friday blogg post. I had to go to my daddies orafice to rite dis post! Thingz is BAD at r howse!

Anywais she is so mad dat I had to cuvver mi ibawlz.

Tell mee when itz ozer!!!!!



Maureen said...

Aw don't worry Lily!

(Although you probably won't read this until the problem is solved!)

Hopefully your problem is resolved soon... I don't know WHAT I'd do without Feline Fridays!!!!

Heather said...

Sorry your interwebs aren't working! Hopefully soon!

Fonda said...

LOL, Lily you crack me up. I hope your mommeh survives and along with the poor single eeemayle in the house too! :)

Debbie said...

Hope they get the email and internet fixed fast! I need my weekly Lily "fix"!

Kristina said...

Lily - hope your mom gets back on the interwebs soon!

Janet said...

Mommie's interwebs IS BAC!!! She is SO happie she mite even giz me a TREET!!! Luv, Lily

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh Lily! That must have been horrible! I'm glad it's over! Now that you have internets back, come over to my blog, btw, if you want to see a picture of Sugar saying a blessing over the Chanukah candles!

Heather said...

Ha ha!!! Orafice!!!! Hope things are back to normal. For you and your momma's sake!