07 December 2009

Layout: Pumpkin carving

Here's another quick layout I finished up recently. Daughter had several of her high school friends over for a very intense pumpkin carving session this past October so, of course, this called for a scrapbook page.

Although I have a ton of photos from this particular event, I decided to devote only one page to it. So I used the collage feature in Picasa to group a few pictures to illustrate the story. In my quest to finish up a lot of scrapbooking FAST, collages have been a saving grace.

Lucky for me, the only two predominant colors in these photos were orange and blue, which happen to be complementary colors. (I swear, I did not engineer that!) This made color selection easy.

And see that little piece of orange and blue patterned paper? That is from my Super Hoarded Stash of Paper from Companies That Have Gone Out of Business. Recognize it? Yep, it's old Arctic Frog.

Don't worry...I still have plenty left. :-)

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