24 December 2009

Deer Santa

Deer Santa,

Halp! Remembr wen u brot me heer on Krismas morning a few yeerz ago? Dis is what I ask: PLEEEZE, find Lily a new home for Krismas! She chases me an tris to eet mi fuds. Den she tris to lik me -- ewww! GET HER OUT OF HEER!

Or if nobuddy wantz her (wich is entyrelie possibul) I also lik anyting dat taists lik fishes.

I hope you getz dis letr! Say hi to ur elves fur me!

Ur frend,


Daisy said...

Oh Tinsel, I'm sure Santa will have something special for you in his bag of presents! Merry Christmas!

Maureen said...

Tinsel, here's hoping Santa will bring you something fishy ;)

Because I am sure you really WOULD miss Lily if she weren't there.

Happy Christmas to all!

Janet said...

Daisy - Kaithx! Hope u an Harley haz a fun Krismus, two!

Maureen - Ur prolly rite but i will not addmit dis...Merrie Krismus to u guise, two!


The Smart One said...

Its also possible that Lily convinced that person to squeeze you around the neck like that.

Never trust that other cat!!

Kristina said...

Hang in there Tinsel!