16 December 2009

A non-event!

In scrapbooking, we often discuss the merits of "event" versus "moment" layouts. Some of us are exclusively event scrapbookers, documenting concerts, games, birthday parties, and holidays like some kind of crazed archivist. Others take a looser approach, choosing to document relationships, cute expressions, and milestones...in short, the little things in life.

I'm sure you can tell into which of these two camps I fall!

For this layout, I took a break from my relentless event scrapbooking to capture a moment in time, specifically a 1:25 AM caffeine-powered, stressed-students-on-a-deadline moment.

For Daughter, this moment marked the first time she had stayed up THAT late working on a school project. As the snacks ran out and time ticked away, serious squirreliness set in.

I'm glad I stayed up late to capture this moment. :-)


Bailey said...

And...we were up til 3:30am finishing it.

JulieB said...

I see some "new" things on this page... All straight still, but "new"!!!! Great job.

Maureen said...

Sometimes those non-events are even better than real events! Great shot; yes, I know that look!

Janet said...

lol Thanks, Julie! You caught me! Kind of a "scraplift of a scraplift." Not my normal style!

Maureen -- Very true! I wish I could come up for air long enough to do more "moment" kinds of pages. Maybe once graduation is over I will be able to! lol

Heather said...

I really like it! I don't do non-events very often either. I should do more of them!

Cheri said...

I like it! Kinda edgy for you;) But yes, as JulieB said, still all straight! Sorry you had to stay up so late B:( Hope you got the good grade to reward your efforts!