11 December 2009

Holiday Decorating - 2009

I'm not really into holidays, although you might not believe that if you were to visit our house at Christmas. I put up a lot of Christmas decorations because over the years, I have accumulated a ton of them, primarily as gifts from family members. A few years ago, I started putting up multiple trees because I have so many ornaments. I also have a Dickens Village with 30+ buildings, all gifts from my parents or late grandma over the years.

So far this year, I have put up the village and four trees (all are tethered to sturdy objects with fishing line to keep Lily from knocking them down). I may put up my fifth tree, if I can summon the strength! In addition to these decorations, I also have a collection of old world Santas, two additional villages, and a host of other holiday items (many handmade) which didn't make it out of the boxes this year.

Our big tree has a variety of ornaments, many of which are special for one reason or another. The snowflakes, for example, were all made by Spouse's late grandmother. The tree in the dining room features my late grandma's mercury glass ornaments, which I absolutely treasure. This year, the small tree in on the landing has a variety of gold ornaments (mainly musical instruments), and the kitchen tree holds the set of Cosmo Cricket ornaments I made last year. I have so many ornaments that I sometimes switch the themes or color schemes.

I have to admit that once everything is in place, I enjoy it. Taking it down, however, is another story altogether!


Debbie said...

Very nice decorations! When Bitsey was young, she would climb the inside of my Christmas tree. That made it fall over and then she would bat the ornaments all around. I had to redecorate everyday. Since then I have only put up a tree once.

Connie said...

I forgot about the little reindeer - from Starbucks, aren't they? Cute as ever. I've only done one table-top tree this year due to a very naughty dog. I put a bell ornament right near the front of the tree, thinking he would hit it when near the tree and I would hear him. Yet, he somehow managed to pull the tree skirt out from under the tree without jingling the bell. Naughty and sneaky! Anyway, your trees look great. Maybe I'll be able to put up the bigger tree next year!

Fonda said...

Your trees are beautiful. Yes, I agree it sure is a lot of work. I bet Lilly is dissapointed the trees are all tethered!

Maureen said...

Oh beautiful trees Janet!

We too tether our tree; I keep an eye hook screwed into where the wall meets the ceiling and then I tie fishing line to it and the tree to keep it upright as our youngest, Tawnee loves to sleep INSIDE the branches!

I love your Starbucks deer (quell surprise!) and I have my three large ones on my table too! I ended up with nearly a dozen small ones that have joined my other reindeer on my tree. I have so many now, I just may need to borrow your idea of multiple trees one day!

Happy Holidays Janet!

Kristina said...

Your trees look lovely!

Cheri said...

Our tree isn't tethered, but our torchere (sp?) lamp sure is...due to the baby;)

Your decor is gorgeous! I'm with you...I like it a lot more once it's out; the process is somewhat tedious and time-consuming.