03 May 2009

A visit to the greenhouse

Each year at this time, I'm filled with optimism and excitement about my flower beds. "This is the year I'll finally get it right!" I say to myself. But by the time July and August roll around, my optimism generally changes to disappointment. My flower beds almost always fall far short of my vision for them.

Over the past few years I have learned, however, that gardening is not something that you suddenly get "right". A garden is constantly changing and evolving, so things may only look "right" for a short time. A garden is, by definition, a work in progress. It requires ongoing tinkering to create and maintain the design you see in your mind.

With that in mind, I visited our local greenhouse today to gather inspiration for the growing season. Surrounded by a host of vibrant colors, varied textures, and sweet scents, I began planning for a new bed to surround a tree we planted last season. I selected foundation plantings based on research I did over the winter. I purchased a few perennials I've grown successfully in the past. I'll eventually fill in the empty spaces with annuals to add color and interest.

And I'll lower my expectations. Beautification, not perfection, is not the goal!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

love the photos so beautiful

Katie said...

I planted all day on Saturday and Sunday. I love to plant, but I too, want it to look fabulous. Each time I get to the greenhouse, I get overwhelmed, off track and just start buying...imagine that!!

Janet said...

Melina - Thanks! This is a wonderful greenhouse.

Katie - What did you plant? Tell me all about it!