15 May 2009

Feline Friday: Double Trouble!

Was it something in the food? Or too much catnip?

Whatever the cause, Lily was spotted with not just one, but TWO heads -- and FOUR front paws -- this week!

Fortunately, this unusual mutation was short-lived. Double Lilies would certainly be twice the fun, but also double the trouble!


Benita said...

Great pics! I wish I could get my dogs to do something like that.

Maureen said...

Hahaha! Double Trouble for sure!!!

At first glance, I did think there were two cats in those photos! So very cute.

Sarah C. said...

It must have been that extra large heaping of catnip I stuffed in the toys. LOL Glad she's un-mutated and back to single trouble. ;)

Lida said...

LOL! Double kitty now that would be fun!!

Linda said...

LOL. Such fun photos.