04 May 2009

Garden Project #1

The first of many gardening projects on my list is this eyesore in front of our house. It's been bad for awhile, but it has now become embarrassingly bad. By that, I mean so bad that you know it has become a subject of conversation in your neighborhood!

We pulled out the foundation bushes last year but didn't replace them because we were undecided about what to purchase. We added a Japanese maple to the space last fall to replace a serviceberry tree which fell years ago. Well, I discovered today that the new tree is pretty much dead. This is an unfortunate turn of events, because the now-dead tree was to form the centerpiece of my grand design! It needs to be replaced before I can move forward with my plan.
I found this plan in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens and thought it would work well for the space. I know just enough about gardening to be dangerous, so I thought that following some sort of plan might be helpful. I soon discovered, however, that our space is quite a bit larger than the space in the sketch, which means, of course, that it's going to take more plants to fill the area.

I started with a few bushes. I picked out boxwoods ("winter gem" variety) because they can handle heavy/clay soil. (I'll amend the soil prior to planting, but there's only so much you can do to counteract the poor soil immediately next to our house.)

Following the plan, I picked out a few coral bells, hostas, and astilbes. I've grown all of these successfully in the past in that same general vicinity, so I'm hoping they'll work. But in order to fill the space nicely, I'm going to have to invest in some larger plants or move some in from other areas of the yard. I'm willing to fill in a few spaces with annuals, but I much prefer the look and ease of perennials, if I can find the right mix.

Stay tuned as Garden Project #1 progresses.


KarenSue said...

I kinda like the pink shutters...

Janet said...

Thanks, Karen! They don't look bad in the picture, but trust me they are not good in real life! Our house has sort of a pinkish tint and with all the pink shutters all over the house, it's too much! lol

Sharon said...

I like the foot in the sandal holding down the garden plan. LOL

Just keep at it, Janet. My beds and pots change yearly. I have yet to get it "right". One would think that the years that I get compliments that I would just stay with those colors and plants, but oh no, I change. I see something else that I think would look "just right". It does for a short time and then one day I go out and hang my head. What was I thinking.

I'm going to try pink and purple combos this year. What do you think? I know that Miss Reagan would approve. LOL

Sarah C. said...

My favorite part of spring! And I always love those garden plans in BHG. :) Can't wait to see how this project turns out!

Debbie said...

You are ambitious! Sounds like it is going to be beautiful, can't wait to see pictures of the project when you are finished.

Linda said...

Good luck choosing the rest of the plants, I have a hard time with that. Can't wait to see it finished

JulieB said...

Hey Janet - looks like you have a good start and of course I know you will take pictures each step of the way so we can see the before, during and after!!!

Great seeing you this weekend - just to short to get caught up!

Have a great week.

katie said...

Love how in the fist picture you have an ADT sign...is that so no one will steal the pink shutters? :) can't wait to see more of your project!!!

Janet said...

Sharon - Thanks! I need to write down what actually works. By the time spring rolls around, I've forgotten everything! Or blocked it from my mind...lol

Sarah - Stay tuned. This could get ugly!! lol

Debbie - I have a feeling this could be a bigger project than I originally planned!

Linda - Thanks! That's hard for me, too. I think I'm going to put a bush in the area to help fill up the space. No clue what!

Julie - Great to see you! You'll have to tell me when you work next so I can come and bother you! :-)

Katie - lol I only WISH someone would steal those shutters! I AM NOT A PINK PERSON and we've had pink shutters for 15 years! (Do you sense a certain degree of frustration??? lol) I seriously think if I put out a collection bucket, our neighbors would put money in it to repaint our house. It's that bad.

Kristina said...

Your plan looks good! I LOVE LOVE Boxwoods and have them in the front of our house also. Can't wait to see pictures of the garden as it grows.

Cheri said...

I accidentally hit upon a nursery here where if you bring in a sketch (to scale) of your beds, the owner will draw up a detailed plan of what to plant where FOR FREE! And she was awesome. I knew NOTHING about gardening before I met this woman. Well, except I knew I had a black thumb, lol. I did give her a list of plants I loved and she incorporated most/all of them in the plan. If I'd had to come up with the plan or implement it from a magazine like you have, I STILL would not have anything planted. And we've been here almost 7 years now. So kudos to you b/c it's looking great!!