07 April 2009

This is good stuff!

Today I shall sing the praises (well, not actually SING) of my new favorite carpet stain remover:

Clorox Oxi Magic!

Every single day, new stains appear on our carpet. Unfortunately, I have no other humans to blame because almost 100% of the stains are caused by me, Tinsel, or Lily due to one of the following circumstances:

* Sneezing while carrying a full cup of coffee (seems I only sneeze with coffee in hand)

* Tripping while carrying a full cup of coffee up or down the stairs

* Tinsel throwing up

* Lily throwing up

* Tinsel choosing to "use the bathroom" someplace other than the litterbox

I have tried every carpet stain remover on the market with limited success. Last week, however, my stain removing needs reached a new level: While scrapbooking on the floor (my usual spot), I knocked over an ENTIRE CUP of coffee. While I ran down the hall to get a towel, the stain grew to mammoth proportions and darkened menacingly (even though there was plenty of Creme Brulee creamer in it).

NOTHING would budge that stain. I worked for days on it, but each day it seemed to get worse. I finally put a towel over it and contemplated moving the furniture (or moving out).

A few days later on a trip to our local Big Lots store, I found a bottle of Clorox Oxi Magic, a multi-purpose cleaner which works on carpet. It was only a couple of dollars, so I took a bottle home with me.

To my complete amazement, after just a couple of applications, the basketball-sized coffee stain was completely gone! Even in bright sunlight, there is no evidence of my Saturday morning mishap.

Now I'm walking around the house like some kind of stain sheriff, squirting every coffee spill and cat throw-up stain in sight. I might as well be wearing my Oxi Magic bottle in a holster! Unfortunately, the carpet now looks so much better that I'll be hard-pressed to convince Spouse that it needs to be replaced!


Judy said...

That is great to know. I too have cats that tend to throw up. I was going to go out today during lunch and see what I could find. I have a carpet cleaner bottle that I got at Menards a few years ago and it works wonders...but can't find it any more. So Clorox Oxi Clean to the rescue. Thanks for sharing.

Me.. said...

I am off to get some...boys leave all sorts of marks around!! :)

Darcey said...

That is great that the stains are all gone! I always get nervous that it will bleach the spot that we have been scrubbing. Glad it took care of the coffee:)

Sarah C. said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely picking some up on my next trip to the store. We have light colored carpets in the house and they are all marked with spots from the cats.

Maureen said...

Okay, you are my HERO.

I have so many cat stains I want to pull my entire carpet out and replace it with wood flooring.

This is now on my shopping list.

Thank you!!!

Kristina said...

Good to know....somehow grape jelly and ketsup seem to make their way to our carpet. I will check it out!