27 April 2009

A few good things

Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

1. Basic Grey's new line, Lime Rickey. This line has so many colors, patterns, and designs! Here's a sneak peak of a mini-album I just finished up for a staff challenge at Memory Bound. This was a great opportunity to play with Lime Rickey and get some scrapbooking done at the same time. (Will share the rest after the challenge is over!)

2. Apple-scented candles. Love how fresh they smell.

3. Baseball card holders. They're the perfect size for the senior pictures we seem to be collecting these days. I'll eventually put the entire sheet, as is, into a 3-ring binder scrapbook.


Heather said...

That mini-album is too cute! I love the colors! :)

katie said...

Love the mini-book...you rock!!

Cheri said...

Congratulations on the mini-book! Saw it won first prize at MB!!

JulieB said...

I saw your mini-book yesterday and it was great...not sure about all the sticky chocolate all over each of them...but the book was awesome! What a great keepsake!

Janet said...

Thank you, guys! It was a very fun project! :-) DD has been invited to another Chocolate War in June so I will soon be making Volume 2!