10 April 2009

Feline Friday: The Corner Cupboard

Today I mentioned to a friend that Feline Friday was fast approaching and I had no new material. Thursdays always bring a certain amount of pressure around here. Sometimes I resort to begging, "DO SOMETHING CUTE, GUYS!"

Thankfully, Tinsel and Lily came to my rescue with a little team exploration of the corner cupboard, a pull-out tiered shelving unit in our kitchen. It's a handy place to keep things like rolling pins, cheese graters, and large dishes which I don't use much. (Truth be told, I don't use much of anything in the kitchen, but that's a subject for another day!)

Every time I open the corner cupboard, the cats make a beeline for it. If they manage to sneak in before I can catch them, they step carefully over the dishes and head straight to the very back corner. There they sit, like they're in their own little private cave. Once they're in the back corner, they can only be extracted with deli sliced turkey!

Normally I don't allow them to go inside the cupboard. It's obviously not sanitary for them to be climbing through the dishes, and there's also the possibility that they might get squished. But today they both managed to sneak in while my back was turned, so I let them stay for a little while. Of course, this means that I now have to wash all the dishes.

Small price to pay for a little Feline Friday fun. :-)


Daisy said...

That looks like the perfect little cat clubhouse!

Debbie said...

I agree with Daisy, perfect little clubhouse. That and the promise of the deli turkey! My Ashley cat was able to open cabinet doors, so I had to put baby locks on the ones that weren't safe for her to be in.

Maureen said...

What is it about small spaces that cats love?

Obviously they just do it now for the promise of turkey.

I know I would.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I always wondered how they managed to be so reliably cute!

toners said...

We almost lost Sally when we were moving; we drove from northern to southern CA and had a couple of nights in hotels (with cats, of course). Eventually we found her - in one of the corner cupboards of the kitchen! :)

Linda said...

Tiger prefers the bathroom cabinets, especially the one with the towels.