27 April 2009

Shameless plug for Lily!

Please vote for Lily in the Des Moines Register's Top Cat Photo Contest!

This is a great contest for Lily, since she doesn't have to actually interact with judges (those of you who have read my blog for awhile know that Lily has had some bad experiences with cat shows)!

Click here for the contest homepage. Click on the "vote" tab, then search for "Lily". You must register to vote, but once you do, you can vote for Lily up to 5 times per day through May 5! The winner receives a year of cat food plus a photo shoot and will be featured in the Des Moines Register. If Lily wins, she will donate cat the cat food to our local no-kill shelter.

Thank you!


toners said...

Oh, what fun! And a great cause, too :) I will head over there :)

Sarah C. said...

I registered to vote. Waiting for the confirmation email so I can. Good luck to Lily! :)

Pat S. said...

I voted for Lily...she was the obvious choice!

Linda said...

Oh, she is so cute! Heading over to vote. Good luck Lily!

Maureen said...

Voted, AND Tweeted!!!

Good luck Lily! You are too cute!