05 April 2009

At the risk of repeating myself...

...I thought I'd post another collage layout, this time including a collage with a vertical orientation.

As you've probably guessed, I have a ton of show choir layouts to make for this season alone. Once again, a Picasa collage came to my rescue! My daughter had taken several pictures on the bus ride to this show choir invitational, so I combined some of our favorites into the collage on the left page. (Notice how this scrapbooker's daughter took pictures of the backs of their sweatshirts showing the choir names? *sigh* She makes her mommy proud! I'm obviously raising her right! lol)

Anyway, I "faked" a collage on the right page using some backstage photos I snapped as the girls were getting ready for the competition. (I just matted the four pictures on a big piece of white cardstock using the same margins as in the real collage.) I pushed both collages together at the center of the layout to create a continuous flow from page to page. Finally, I added strips of black with rounded outside corners and red subtitles to visually tie the two pages together.


Fonda said...

Loving these collages! What a great way to get many photos on a page. I like how your title reflects their sweatshirts!

Sarah C. said...

I like the use of the horizontal and vertical collages. They look great! I've been leaning this way quite a bit myself lately. Seems like I have so many photos I want to squeeze in and collages are the easy way to do it (plus an easy way to get wonderful, clean straight lines!). :)