10 October 2007

Observations on a Wednesday

Here are a few random observations for today, since that appears all that I'm capable of at this point:

* Sharon's Informal Underwear Survey is now closed. Since Sharon had asked several people about their underwear folding habits prior to this blog survey, I am adjusting the totals as follows to show 42 respondents:

  • 26 -- fold their underwear (62%)
  • 2 -- roll their underwear (5%)
  • 11 -- toss their underwear (26%)
  • 2 -- stack their underwear (5%)
  • 1 -- presumably wears no underwear (and only you know who you are) (2%)

So it would appear that of this informal, unscientific sampling, folding underwear is the most common practice. I asked Sharon what this all means. She simply referred me to the title of the book she's been reading: Life's Too Short to Fold Your Underwear. I think she is subtly trying to encourage all folders to become tossers, or even flingers. (How about it, folders? Care to start living on the edge?) Now I'm even wondering how much time I would save if I didn't fold my underwear. Perhaps I could use that time to actually get some scrapbooking done.

* Lily should not eat rubber bands.

* Today's temperature is 52 degrees. I wore my sandals today. Then I decided that 52 degrees is almost too cold for sandals. Now I'm wearing two pairs of socks. But no sandals.

* One should not eat too much candy corn in one sitting. Or one standing, for that matter.

* My garden has never looked worse. It looked good at one point. Now it looks bad. What happened in between?

* Quite often, it sucks to be me. And it's completely my own doing. Or undoing, some would say.

* The wind is blowing the locust tree pods all around our development. I'm sure we'll soon be everyone's favorite neighbors.

* I'm getting better and better at procrastinating.

* It's hard to make a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese.

Perhaps tomorrow's blog post will be more meaningful, but for today, that's all I've got.


KarenSue said...

try flinging!! no more folding!

next you'll suggest not matching socks!!

oh, the anarchy!!

Sharon said...

quite a list today. Hey, getting better at procrastinating is better than not getting better at anything. It's a step in the right direction.

I tried not matching socks, but did not like it, especially, the day I went out with one navy blue sock and one black sock on. Now it was dark when I got dressed that particular morning and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Cheri said...

Hey, not all posts need to contain the "great mystery of life" type questions and answers:) Darn, I missed out on Sharon's poll...but off the record, I'm a tosser. But my socks are matched and neatly rolled together, and in the colored sock drawer, they are even stacked all blacks together, all brown together, etc. :) So I guess that makes me anal about my socks, but laissez-faire about my underwear, lol.

Lynn said...

I am a tosser already, so I guess I will have no extra time to kill.
Now I have to tell you that I've been getting very good at procrastinating also lately. Sometimes I feel good about it and others I don't, oh well.
I don't think that every blog entry has to be a story. Random thoughts are wonderful.

denali said...

Random thoughts are rather entertaining, I must say :)

AMEN on the rubberbands. Makes for some litterbox surprises otherwise. Or worse.