23 October 2007

End of the season

This week, I'm a bit sad because our marching band season has ended. Our program this year was from Wicked, and the kids loved the music. In fact, many of the marching band members traveled to Chicago this summer to see the production.

The kids had a successful season competitively, too, taking first place in two of three shows and achieving a record high score by the end of the season.

So no more Friday night football games hanging out in the end zone with the band parents. No more videotaping while wrapped in a blanket and clutching a warm cup of something. No more 6:30 am drumline rehearsals.

Now other activities will fill in those spaces. Jazz band and show choir will soon kick into high gear. But somehow nothing will ever take the place of marching band.


Maureen said...

Wow, that sure is something we don't have up here in Canada. At least you have other things lined up to do. You sure keep busy! My Friday evenings consist of pizza, TV and surfing the web...

Jill said...

:-( :-( :-( Sounds like it was a good time & that you have lots of other good times to come.

jp said...

Maureen -- No marching band in Canada? I thought I've seen drum corps from Canada at competitions we've attended. I'm surprised no HS marching band!! But hey, your Friday nights sound pretty good to me!

Jill -- Yeah, I'm just a blathering, sentimental fool about this stuff. I'll be the same way when show choir and jazz band ends. Pass the Kleenex, plz!! :-)