05 September 2006

Only at the Fair!

The ticket design for our state fair changed this year. Probably wasn't a big deal to most people, but from the minute I saw the new, larger, rectangular shape, I could think only one thing: TAG BOOK!

Given the number of days we spend at the fair, I had no trouble collecting enough ticket stubs to make a book for my parents and another one for me. I purchased 2 sheets of matching cardstock, selected and printed a few small photos, cut the cardstock and photos to fit, then joined them with a metal ring, and faster than you can say "Deep Fried Oreo on a Stick", I had a tag book in my hands.

This one is a thank you for my parents who let us camp with them again this year. Eleven days of shuttle rides, lemonade, giant slides, blue ribbons, red ribbons (and no ribbons)...It's all Only at the Fair!
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Vicki said...

Hey looks and sounds like fun, this is the first time I have checked out your blog, looks like you are having some fun with it too! Great job!