29 September 2006

...and cardstock

Yes, that IS the other part of my blog. I'm not just about cats, even though one might get that impression. I've actually been up to my ears in cardstock all this week. And quite often, I've had cats in the middle of the cardstock.

This week, I've been working on several projects for the store where I teach. We call them "Projects of the Month." Each month, I design and create a project or two, along with instructions. Customers can take home the instructions and purchase the materials which are displayed with the project samples. I've been having a lot of fun with these projects and enjoying the creative freedom!

In addition to making up a few layout samples for the store, this week I've made a Christmas layout and set of matching cards, and three additional card sets with six cards each. All of those will be take-home projects for customers over the coming weeks. This picture shows 3 of the cards I finished today using some multi-colored Prima flowers and the new Imaginisce double-sided paper. Just saw that new line at the store yesterday and it spoke to me! Love the texture and weight of it.

This weekend, I'm hoping to finish up a few cardstock-related projects which have been waiting for me for too long. My scrapbooking area is organized and I have everything I need, including a Diet Coke. So here's to a productive and fun weekend, full of cats AND cardstock!

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