30 September 2006

5 Favorites

Edited: I re-took the photos of this project and posted them on October 4. Now you can see the project more clearly!

So last night, when I was "supposed" to be doing a few other things, I decided to do this instead. In Ali Edwards' e-zine this week, she challenged everyone to make a mini album or book using 5 wallet-sized photos of your favorite things right now.

Ok, I can do that, I thought. But instead of making a book, I decided to make a library card set using my new library pocket template and acrylic stamp. Pulled out my favorite Arctic Frog and within 2 hours, I had this little project done. Can't believe how easy this was and how much fun I had making it. And these 5 favorites really do reflect who I am. So thanks to Ali for another great bit of inspiration!

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