08 September 2006

Feline Friday

Given that the name of my blog refers to cats AND cardstock, I'm devoting today's post to the former. Maybe I'll start a new feature, called Feline Friday, to make sure the kitties get equal billing to the cardstock. I honor of this, here are a couple of feline questions to ponder today:
  • If your cat had a human voice, what would it sound like? Whiny, twangy, British accent, perhaps? I imagine that Tinsel would have a quiet librarian-like voice and would say "Shhh!" all the time. Lily's voice would be loud (more appropriate for recess than indoors) and would have a southern accent, since she came from a farm south of here.
  • If your cat wore human clothing, what would it be? I imagine that Tinsel would wear a ball gown, something frilly and quite difficult to move around in. Lily would wear denim short-alls.
I selected a few recent photos of Lily and Tinsel to include for today's Friday Felines. Don't be fooled by the photos that show them in close proximity to each other...they definitely do NOT have a close, trusting relationship. If they would practice "body basics" and keep their paws to themselves, everything would be fine, but they just can't resist taking a swipe. Lily actually ambushes Tinsel by standing on her back legs, front paws waving in the air (think: grizzly bear), then jumping on her back. This never goes well.

Lily also enjoys riding on our backs. For as long as you can walk around bent over, she'll ride along, comfortably observing from a new height. And about 12:30 a.m., she turns into a kitty possessed: she lays her ears flat, gets a gleam in her eye, and starts running at breakneck speed, jumping up the walls, banking off furniture, climbing doorframes and hanging from screens. For now, she's even small enough to go under the lid of the grand piano and crawl all the way to the back. This is her special hiding place. Around 12:35 a.m., she goes to time-out.

Tinsel continues to watch all of Lily's antics with complete and utter disdain. She actually relishes the times when I confine her to a room by herself so she can get some rest and eat her weight-control meals in peace.

I'm enjoying the fact that now, when Tinsel is on my lap, Lily seems to want to be there, too. If Lily is on my lap, then Tinsel is hovering nearby. The fact is, I'll take either of them anytime they'll let me. Everything stops when one of them is reclining there. I found this quote on a layout by Erin Lincoln in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes. If you're a cat person, isn't this true?

If you are lucky enough to have a cat on your lap, you are excused from everything and the other spouse must do your bidding.


Sofia said...

Loved reading your Feline Friday post. :-) I love having a kitty on my lap too. I'm glad that our furballs get along. Sometimes they both crawl on my lap at the same time.

Maureen said...

Hah! I had to look twice to realize that one pic of Lily on your back! Reminds me a lot of my Dakotah....loves to sit on my shoulder for a ride.... which can be quite painful if I don't trim her nails!

Great photos. Love the one with them sitting on the stools.

Connie said...

Lily's southern accent would drive you crazy if she talked a lot. I still have to cover my ears when I get around women who "twang" too much!

"You can take me out of the Midwest, but you can't make me speak with a southern accent!"