07 August 2006

Toilet Paper Bandit Strikes Again!

Authorities are seeking the public's assistance in stopping The Toilet Paper Bandit. Shown here in her first strike, she has committed at least three similar crimes in the past two days. With each strike, The Bandit appears to grow more bold, sometimes pulling entire rolls of toilet paper into the adjacent room.

"We're very concerned," commented the homeowner. "The Bandit even appears to be eating small pieces of toilet paper at the scene. A diet rich in fiber is important, but we feel she is taking her veterinarian's advice too literally."

In an effort to discourage The Bandit, the homeowners have taken to squishing all toilet paper rolls. This effort has had little effect. In addition, the family has spent considerable time re-rolling the unrolled toilet paper, only to find it unrolled again a short time later, presumably the work of The Bandit.

The Bandit has gray stripes, an innocent look on her face, and reportedly wears white tennis shoes and gloves. Anyone with information about how to stop The Toilet Paper Bandit is urged to contact the homeowner immediately.

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Sofia said...

ROFLOL!!!! You made my day! That is SO CUTE!

The scary thing is that we actually had a real toilet paper bandit at work a couple of years ago. Toilet paper kept disappearing from both the men's and women's bathrooms. They actually sent out e-mails telling people to watch for someone with a large bag where they might be stashing the rolls!

Katie said...

Ooh your kitty is so cute. So hard to be mad when they make a mess because they're so darn cute!

Sharon said...

LOL! This cracks me up!!

You could shut the door to the bathroom or has the Bandit learned how to open doors also.

LeAnn said...

How funny!! We just got a cat yesterday. I wonder if he will be the next TP Bandit.

Maureen said...

Heh, Heh, Heh!!! Love it! Our cat Dakotah does this as well...but your write up is priceless! Hope you "catch" your Bandit soon! ;)

CircesMagic said...

That was very cute!!! I enjoyed reading your blog.