01 August 2006

Fun with Really Old Fabric Paint

There was a time a few years back when lots of people were using fabric paint on sweatshirts, tee-shirts, and tote bags. (Well, maybe not lots of people, but I was, anyway.) Do you remember this? I painted seasonal sweatshirts for me and for my daughter (some were even matching), and I even gave a few to lucky recipients as gifts. One year I was particularly daring and took a set of matching painted sweatshirts to the state fair in competition. Even got a blue ribbon and red ribbon, thank you very much.

Then the craze ended and suddenly I stopped decorating sweatshirts (and, to dd's relief, also stopped wearing my creations). But what to do with this large tub of fabric paint which I stumbled upon this morning?

It occurred to me: Can you use this stuff on paper? Answer: Yes! The applicator tip is very tiny and lends itself quite nicely to the little doodley-type dots which are popular now.

So if you have a stash of fabric paint, pull it out and dust it off. Then see what you can do on your scrapbook pages and cards. Remember: drying time is required, preferably in a cat-free zone.

And even though the instructions say fabric paint is washable, I don’t recommend putting your layouts in the laundry.

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