25 August 2006

Three Things That Are No More

On the way home from the LSS where I teach today, I was contemplating events of the week. Three things that did exist are no more, as of this week:

  1. Bazzill Tanner has been discontinued. I thought my world had come to an end when I got this call. Not only is Tanner one of my personal favorite colors, it is heavily featured in at least two of my upcoming classes for next quarter. Nothing can take the place of Bazzill Tanner, in my book, er...scrapbook.
  2. The planet Pluto is no longer a planet. Of course, Pluto is still out there, as far as I know, but it has officially been de-classified to something else of lesser status. Our planetary models are now out-of-date. Little children learning about the solar system will now have to put a blank sticky label over any mention of Pluto the planet in the science book. Pluto-huggers unite!
  3. Our waterbed is dry. Sprung a leak and had to be drained. I have no place to sleep, except in the cavity of the plastic liner. Or the couch. Or the unbelievably hard "guest bed". One night in the guest bed gave me a clearer understanding as to why most of our overnight visitors never return.

What does all this mean? Where will it lead? What's next? One can only wonder.

Please, Bazzill, not Leapfrog.


Maureen said...

Sucks about your waterbed. I've had one for 26 years; and I hate sleeping on a regular bed....I love my waterbed!!!!!

Lynn said...

I love my waterbed also! I have had one for almost 30 years! I can't sleep comfortably on anything else. I hope you get it repaired quickly.