09 August 2006

Ok, is this a bad idea?

I picked up this book at our public library last week. The title just grabbed me. What do you think? Lily seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom these days (see previous post). Perhaps she should be using her time more productively while there.

The author presents a fool-proof method for toilet training your cat. This does not mean litter training. It means actually having your cat use the toilet. Except for flushing. Cats apparently don't have the paw strength to flush.

The basic concept is this: You place your cat's litter pan next to the toilet and over the course of 21 (not 20, not 22) days, you raise the level of the litter pan using stacks of newspapers until it reaches the height of your toilet. Kitty gets used to jumping during this period. Then you move the pan to sit on top of the toilet seat. Next you replace the litter pan with a film of plastic wrap, duct-taped to the outside of the toilet seat and sprinkled with litter. (Oh, be sure to remove the plastic wrap before company comes.) After a few days, you cut a small opening in the plastic wrap, using less and less litter and a bigger and bigger hole in the plastic wrap until very soon, kitty is using the toilet. Except for flushing.

The advantages of this method are countless: ridding your house of the litter pan and resulting germs, eliminating the territorial issues associated with litter pans, and making your cat more comfortable in travel situations, to name just a few. Apparently trained kitties will use most any toilet, be it at Grandma's house or the mall. How handy is that?

Yes, you're right. It could be somewhat inconvenient for the family during the training period. So here's my idea for a sequel: How to Litter-Train Your Husband.


Sofia said...

LOL about the litter training you husband! Bwahahaha

I've actually seen a couple of those internet video clips of cats using the toilet, so I suppose it can be done. Good luck! Our cats like to drink out of the toilet (doen't matter if I just filled their water bowl!)

tesstrue said...

3 words: Meet the Parents.

and, yes! try it on your DH! bwahahahahahaha!