28 August 2006

Things That Make Me Crazy: Volume 2

I've been thinking about Volume 2 of this little series for awhile. Writing down things as they make me crazy, then losing the paper they're written on. That in itself makes me crazy. So, here we go with today's list of things that make me crazy:

Grammar thing: Ish. Have you heard this? Ask a teenager a question, and you may get this answer: "Ish." Now, what the heck does this mean? Generally, it means "kind of" or "sort of" or "to a certain extent". It can also mean "I don't know" or "so-so". Exact meaning may vary depending on content. If you're new to this, here's an example:

"How was the math test?" asks mom.
"Ish," responds teenager.
Translation: Brace yourself, mom.

Fashion thing: T-shirt tails. Have you seen these? If you have a teen-aged girl in your vicinity, no doubt you've noticed that they have t-shirt tails these days. It is no longer ok to just wear your t-shirt loosely hanging over your shorts or jeans. You must gather up any excess fabric and secure it (either in the back or on the side: your choice) with one of the 10-15 multi-colored elastic hairbands you have worn around your wrists since last June. After securing the fabric, you may then tuck the resultant "tail" up under the shirt, or leave it sticking out. Hence the name: t-shirt tails. While picking my DD up at school the other day, I observed that every girl was sporting one. (Special note: Moms apparently should NOT wear t-shirt tails.)

Life thing: The rain droplets that accumulate on your windshield in between swipes of the windshield wipers. Know what I'm talking about? I can't stand it! For this reason, I always run my wipers on the "spastic" setting, even during the gentlest of showers. No drops! No drops!

So do I feel better now? Do I feel relieved of the stressful Things That Make Me Crazy, Volume 2? Am I ready to let go and move on?


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