02 August 2006

Organizational Tip: Scrapbook Your Planner

I'm a very organized person, but I've been struggling lately with making the transition between digital and paper organization systems. When I worked in corporate America, I was absolutely wed to my Franklin planner. Never left home without it. My slow spiral downward began a couple of years ago, when I put away my Franklin planner with the idea that I would totally convert to Outlook, even for task management.

Outlook has worked well for our calendar, but not for my to-do lists. I've found myself using sticky notes and writing on scraps of paper, which is not how I like to function.

So this week I've been reading a lot about the new Memory Dock system, which is a complete organizational system for scrapbookers. One component is similar to a Franklin planner, except that it has sections specifically for scrapbookers. I considered purchasing the planning tools, but I don't need the calendar sections and the other sections didn't seem to totally meet my needs. I've also been reading on 2Peas about some people who've altered their Franklin planners. I started thinking about both of these things and wondered...What can I do with the planning system I already have?

So I ran to the Franklin store and picked up 24 blank tabbed dividers and lined paper. I made clear labels for each month on the computer. I created additional labels for scrapbooking (page ideas, journaling notes, etc.), for my work and volunteer activities. I made a little sketch template for the page idea section as well as my own to-do list templates, divided by work, family, scrapbooking, etc. The lists can just be moved ahead in my planner, and when I run out of room (or finish everything!!) I'll just print new ones.

Once I finished setting it all up, I covered the front of each divider with my very favorite patterned paper, and now I have my own little customized planner. I think I have come up with a system that will actually fit the life I'm living now. I already feel more organized and in control! And that's a very good thing, indeed.
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Sharon said...

Well, that is a really good system. Do you have a patent on it? If not, you should.
Ah, to organized. It is never going to happen with me. I operate on the pile system...the scrapbook pile, the correspondence pile, look at later pile,to do today pile,etc.