08 August 2014

Feline Friday: Cats I Have Loved

 For today's Feline Friday, I'm going to share just a few of the many, many cats I have loved over the years! I recently had a big batch of old slides restored and saved as .jpeg files, including many images of me with my cats. Please look past my very, very poor hairstyle choices!

 My parents had Peanut when I was born, and every year she had two litters of kittens. Today that would not be considered responsible, but we always found good homes for them. Here I am at a particularly awkward age with Peanut and two of her babies. 

In addition to making our own kitties, I sometimes found kittens to take home -- or they found me. Gray Baby found his way to our house and stayed for a few months. One day he went outside and never came back. We looked everywhere but never found him. I was heartbroken.

This is Mittens, who lived to around 22 years old, which is a very, very long time for an indoor-outdoor kitty! We adopted her from a family in our town. Mittens didn't have the most pleasing personality in later years, but I adored her and so did our dog, Tammy. In fact, when Tammy passed away, we found Mittens curled up around her.

As Mittens grew, she could handle a bigger bottle!

    Here's another kitty, Tigger. I'm not sure where we got him, but we didn't have him long. Back in those days, our kitties were outside much of the time. Sadly, I lost many to accidents. I would never let my cats out of the house nowadays.

This is Wrinkles. How adorable he was!

Of course, I dressed my kitties (still do!), this time in a sock which I transformed into a turtleneck. Wrinkles was a strictly indoor kitty, allowed outside only when he was on a leash. Sadly, we lost Wrinkles at a very early age to renal failure.

 As you can see from these photos, I have always loved kitties -- including the two I have right now. I can't imagine living life without them!

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Kristina said...

You're lucky Janet! I didn't get to have kitties when I was growing up as my dad didn't like them, so I didn't get my first until I had my first apartment. But since then, I've had Natasha, Cinnamon, Chloe, Jinx, Rumpleteaser, Willow, Chelsea and now Kirby, Tucker, Gizmo and Coco. That's a lot of cats...LOL