09 August 2014

Bar Cart-Part 4: Shelf Liner Options

Having finished spray painting the bar cart, I'm now on the hunt for a modern print shelf liner to cover the two shelves. While I'd love to do a wild, colorful print, I don't want it to clash with our kitchen or dining room, the two most likely rooms where the bar cart will live. So I'm opting for a neutral print, with a bit of a retro feel.

Just to save ya'll some time if you're ever looking for something like this, know that there aren't very many modern/retro prints out there. I've concluded that there's a lot of ugly shelf liner being manufactured! I guess in most cases, ugly doesn't matter because shelf paper usually resides inside a drawer or closet. But in this case, the shelf paper will be visible so I want it to look great.

The four prints pictured above are a few I'm considering. I've printed the images off and placed them on the bar cart shelves, so I can get a better feel for how they'd each look with the paint color.

I hope to make a decision and order the shelf paper soon! I'm anxious to finish up this project because I have a second cart (this one for my craft room) ready to be painted!

Update: I took the plunge and ordered the shelf paper! It will arrive next week, then I can finish this project!

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