02 August 2014

Bar Cart:Part 3-Spray Painting

The bar cart project is progressing nicely! Other than some minor touch-ups, the spray painting is finished.

 Spouse came up with a great idea of propping the handles up on a yardstick so I could spray all sides at once.

It worked so well that I set up a second yardstick to paint both at the same time.

It took two solid coats of spray paint and some touch ups to finish the handles.

 Next I painted the underside of each of the shelves. Not that anyone (other than cats) will be looking at the undersides but hey, I want to be thorough.

After an hour or so of drying time, I applied a second coat. The undersides are not perfect due to some rough metal areas, but at least they are clean and sealed with new paint.

Next I flipped the shelves over and painted the gold strips around the edges. I didn't have to tape the shelves because they'll be covered with contact paper or shelf liner. You can see that the center area of the shelf is still a little rough. I'll need to get some grittier sand paper to work on those areas before applying contact paper.

Finally, I spray painted the new screw heads so they'll match the handles.
So far, this is a super-easy project! The next step will be to decide on the material to cover the shelves and order it online. I expect lining the shelves will be a little trickier because I'll need to cut curves with my X-Acto knife. I'll probably make a template from newspaper just to be on the safe side.

So far, so good! And other than grass and trees which now feature spots of Oil-Rubbed Bronze, I've had no major disasters!

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