29 August 2014

Digging Out, Back Soon

Since my dad passed away last year and I found myself faced with the overwhelming aftermath of his death, I've felt like I've been at the bottom of big dark hole. 

Every time I've tried to dig myself out, some new and ominous challenge has been waiting at the top to push me right back down. So again I start digging my way out, only to slip and find myself back at the bottom of the pit again.

I'm not playing the victim here. Sometimes the "push" comes from circumstances beyond my control but just as often it is self-inflicted, as I try to take on more than I should without giving myself a chance to breathe. I'm often my own worst enemy.

So I'm taking a short break from the blog because I'm busy trying to climb back out of the hole, hopefully this time for GOOD. And believe me, as soon as I see the light of day, I'm making a run for it -- off to sunnier pastures with smoother terrain.

Thanks for hanging with me, blogging friends. Don't worry about me. I hope to be back soon! :)


Judy said...

Janet, I can so relate to how you feel. My dad passed away in late 2012 who had alzheimers. My mom took care of him and wouldn't change that for anything. So when he passed away I thought mom and I would have some time to travel and do some mom/daughter things. She had knee surgery in May of 2013 and then shortly after that they found her cancer. So we never got that time I was hoping to have with her. I am going thru a divorce and moved to an apartment in April of this year...and had not gotten settled from that when mom passed away. So cleaning out her apartment brought more things to my place. It's been overwhelming to say the least. I only had an apartment to clean out ... not houses. So I can only imagine the extra load you are carrying. But remember that you have lots of people who care and will be here waiting once you get dug out of that hole. Hugs to you.

Lori said...

I will worry about you. Quietly things will settle down and you will have peace. When so much happens at once it feels overwhelming but we work through it all. I have so many converssations in my head with my parents that I'm afraid one of them might answer. Hang in and hug your kitties. (I think cats are the best comfort.)

Janet said...

Judy, I am so sorry you're going through all of this. You've had grief upon grief without having a chance to heal. Take care of yourself. Thank you for your kind words.

Janet said...

Lori, thank you so much for your kind words. I agree that kitties are the best companions in times like this. What would we do without them? Thank you for stopping by!