09 May 2014

Feline Friday: Where's Lily Now?

Sorry for the delay with this Feline Friday post! It's so late that it almost became a CATURDAY post! But I have a good excuse for being late: We just got home from moving our daughter home from college. Good times!

Lily has been busy this past week doing LILY THINGS. One evening I found her camouflaged on a shelf. I see you, Lily!

The next day I was hanging up shirts and turned around to find her in the dryer...AGAIN! In spite of more than one dryer incident, Lily is a slow learner. We have to keep a close eye on the dryer at all times!

Then as if to celebrate Bailey's arrival home, Lily fit herself into one of Bailey's plastic containers.

You never know where you might find her!


Kristina said...

I'll bet the kitties are glad Bailey is home!

Kimberly Marie said...

Love it! :)