16 May 2014

Feline Friday: Blue Bouncy Ball

As I was cleaning out a few things around here, I happened upon Lily's long lost BLUE BOUNCY BALL. Oh, my heavens...how did she live without this ball? She is completely OBSESSED WITH IT!  

Now that it has resurfaced, Blue Bouncy Ball has become a big part of Lily's much-needed exercise program. Well, OK...it is her ENTIRE exercise program!

Because of its knobby design, you never know which direction Blue Bouncy Ball is going to bounce. Lily runs every which way trying to follow it, and she just can't get enough. That's a big improvement from a kitty who generally likes to play while lying down!

Lily is so fixated on Blue Bouncy Ball that Bailey is teaching her to play fetch. But mostly she carries it around in her mouth and meows when she wants us to toss it across the room. Yes, it is pretty adorable. :)

Now that she's exercising and eating less, here's hoping we don't lose Blue Bouncy Ball again!

UPDATE: It's been a long time since I bought these particular cat toys, but I searched online and found similar balls called "Atomic Rubber Bouncing Balls". Be aware that the small nibs can be chewed off. Lily has never swallowed a nib, but we do watch her carefully when she plays with it.


Anonymous said...

My kitty loves crinkly balls, but she (and I!) would love to see the blue bouncy ball!

Heather said...

Our Wally would love that! Where did you get it? His current favorite toy is a tinsel-covered pom pom from the arts & crafts department at Wal-Mart. He chases that thing all over the place, carries it around, and flings it across the room for himself!

Janet said...

Heather, I wish I could remember! It's been a long time since I bought them. They came in a pack of 2. They have been lost for quite some time! I would guess PetSmart, since that's where I normally buy cat supplies!

Janet said...

Heather -- I found the name of the Bouncy Balls: Atomic Rubber Balls. Lots of sources online. :) Do watch Wally if you get one because the nibs can be chewed off. Lily hasn't swallowed it but I do watch her carefully when she plays with it!

Heather said...

Thanks!! I'll look for one for him. He's not really a chewer, so maybe that won't be an issue.