21 May 2014

Fun with An Immersion Blender

 Since last fall, I've been thinking about buying an immersion blender. I really don't know why it has taken me so long to take the plunge (no pun intended!). Immersion blenders are not all that expensive ($31 - $70+), especially if you buy one without a lot of attachments. But I took time to read reviews and check out the options before I finally settled on a simple Kitchenaid model I found at Target. This one comes with a container for making smoothies and other types of drinks, and the bottom part goes in the dishwasher. Score!

 I've been on the hunt for an immersion blender because many of the soups I've been making need to be blended. I'm not super handy in the kitchen, and without an immersion blender I have to POUR SCALDING HOT SOUP into our regular stand blender, plus remember to SCREW THE BOTTOM ON TIGHTLY and PUT THE LID ON before I push the button. As you might imagine, there are many opportunities for mishaps in this process, and I've experienced each one. (I also tried using my hand mixer--with beaters--to puree soup. That was a very bad decision.)

An immersion blender allows you to puree soup right in the pot where it's cooking. The blade is covered, so it does not splatter hot soup everywhere while doing its thing. This device also makes it easy to create smoothies, milkshakes, and frappucinos. The recipe for peach/raspberry smoothies caught Daughter's eye right away.

She's always the one to test new tools around here. (It's much safer that way!)

The immersion blender is super-easy to use. (That's actually HER hand, but even I can do it!)

With very little effort and virtually no mess, she created yummy smoothies for us!
I think I'm going to like this new toy!

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Heather said...

I don't use it much, but I love my immersion blender. It's very handy when you need to blend hot soups!!