22 August 2009

Was Hovercat; Now Dryercat

Lily "went missing" yesterday. This is a pretty obvious hint as to her whereabouts.

Yep, Lily was shut in the dryer with a pile of warm, slightly damp clothes.

For 4.5 hours!

When I got home last night around 8pm, Lily was nowhere to be found. She ALWAYS comes running to greet me at the door, so I knew immediately that something was wrong. I checked in all of her usual napping spots -- and everywhere else I could think to look. As I ran through the house calling her name but hearing nothing in response, I grew more fearful by the minute. Had she somehow slipped out the back door when Spouse got home?

I ran out into the garage to have a look around. Seeing no sign of Lily, I headed back into the house. As I passed through the laundry room, I pulled open the dryer door and to my surprise, there was Lily! She had clearly been sleeping and (I'm sure) wondered why I was so distraught. She stood up, yawned, and stretched, then headed immediately to her food bowl. (That's a long time for Lily to go without having a snack!)

After some backtracking, we figured out that Daughter was the one who accidentally shut her in the dryer. She had been digging around in the dryer for some important item of clothing and, when she turned her back for a moment, Lily hopped in. Daughter closed the dryer door as she left the laundry room with no clue that Lily was shut inside. Shortly after that, Daughter and I left the house for 4.5 hours, at which point Lily must have settled down for a very long nap. (I'm glad she didn't need to use the restroom while shut in the dryer!)

Lily doesn't seem any worse for the wear, but I'm pretty sure I lost one of my nine lives yesterday. Believe me, we'll be sure that never happens again!

For anyone wondering about the photo, Lily agreed to a brief reenactment of her dryer exit for blog purposes only. :-)


Heather said...

How scary! I'm glad Lily's OK!

Sharon said...

It's a good thing that the dryer didn't get started as you all left the house. It ended well, but goodness this was a scary story.

Kristina said...

That has happened to us also. If one of the boys go missing, the first thing we do is check closets, cabinets, dryer and pantry...lol

Glad to hear that she really wasn't missing.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad Lily is okay, that would have scared me if it happened at my house.

Janet said...

I can't tell you all how scared I was, both before and after I found her!

Anya said...

it looks dangerous & scary :(
I am happy all is ok now ...

Kareltje =^.^=

Maureen said...

Okay, now I feel better... I always do a double take before closing the dryer drawer.

Glad Lily is okay and that the dryer wasn't turned on!!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh no! Four and a half hours! I was always afraid they would suffocate in there but I guess in the dryer there's always the vent. It's probably the washer where there's more danger. Especially our kind, because we have one of those side loaders that has to be left open periodically to dry out.

Glad she's okay! That was very accommodating of her to reenact it for you! :-)