21 August 2009

Feline Friday: Another Hovercat Sighting

Hovercat was spotted again this week, this time in a larger craft to accommodate her "fuller figure."

High above the kitchen table soared Hovercat, powered by a loud purr (and a little help from Mama).

Again, the view from below was exquisite.

Pressed fur, tummy, and toes were visible through the base of Hovercat's Clear Craft.

All too soon, Hovercat's voyage was over. If only Mama's arms would hold out a little longer.


toners said...

Ha ha ha!! Love it! Especially that squished view from underneath :)

Thank you for your supportive words this past week :)

Debbie said...

She looks a bit annoyed in the last photo, perhaps her voyage was too short! The photos from underneath are so fun.

Maureen said...

Ha! Yeah, that last look is all "what, is the ride over already???" Too cute!