06 August 2009

Prairie Walk

I took advantage of the lovely weather we've been having to take a walk through the prairie that runs through our development. It's always interesting to see which native prairie plants are in bloom. On today's visit, I saw Queen Anne's lace, monarda, and grey headed coneflower, to name just a few.

As we head into autumn, a new group of prairie flowers will begin to bloom. The white, yellow, and purple flowers I saw today soon will be replaced with a lush carpet of gold.


Judy said...

How do you make those collages? I just love when you take lots of pictures and put them in a collage. I need to learn how to do that. Thanks for sharing. It just makes me sigh to look at the pictures and read your post.

toners said...

Janet, these are absolutely beautiful! We have lots of green here this summer because of all the rain, but those flowers are gorgeous!

Janet said...

Thanks, guys! I love our prairie!

Judy - The collages are made using Picasa, a free photo management/editing program by Google. It's very simple -- you just select your pictures and Picasa puts them into a collage for you. It's one of the best features of Picasa, IMHO! :-)

Toni - Thanks! It is so dry here now that our ground is cracked. Luckily we're getting rain today. But those prairie plants have deep roots and they always do fine. I just love the look of prairie flowers! :-)