21 March 2014

Feline Friday: Wait, Whut?

 Sometime last month I discovered the Tiny Kittens web cams. I've followed the progress of the Cupcake Kittens since birth, and now (sadly) they are almost ready to be adopted. But never fear: There are two new batches of kittens available for 24/7 viewing! Two sister mamas are co-parenting the kittens, and it really couldn't be sweeter.

 When I'm working, I sometimes keep the webcam up just so I can keep an eye on the kittens. (Because really, any day is made better with KITTENS!) Tinsel recently hopped up on the desk to investigate. She kept a curious eye on the squirming balls of fur for a few minutes....

...then decided enough was enough and refused to look at the screen again! Yes, Tinsel, those kittens are actually touching the mama! Avert your eyes!! :)

1 comment:

Kimberly Marie said...

Yes, any day truly IS made better with kittens! :) Thanks for sharing this web cam address. My daughter and I have enjoyed watching the kittens as they grow, and even my kitty girl Ziva has been intrigued with them as well! How funny Tinsel is... Lol!