28 March 2014

Feline Friday: Almost!

 Lily's sole mission in life is to steal Tinsel's NOMS. She's crafty and clever, and her devious little mind never stops. She knows EXACTLY where Tinsel's dish of food is kept in the pantry cupboard. The only problem is that it's (intentionally) too high for her to reach.

 There is, however, a way to reach it, if only Lily's mommeh would accidentally leave the rolling storage container out for just a split second. Sure enough, that's what happened one day last week. While Mommeh wasn't looking, Lily boldly made her way higher...

 The coveted NOMS were just within reach!
Until Mommeh spoiled her fun. :)


Maureen said...


Ha! Great capture.

Kimberly Marie said...

Aw, shucks ~ lol! It's amazing how cats can get into things the way that they do. They never miss an opportunity!

Kristina said...

Sneaky little creatures aren't they? or at least they think they are. We had to bungee the cabinet where we keep treats because Gizmo would open the cabinet door and push the tin of treats off the shelf and on to the floor for all to share. :)