04 November 2013

Postcard Album in Progress

 As a side trip from the big photo organization project I just started, I decided to whip together a small postcard album using the 75 or so vintage postcards I found which belonged to my grandma and her brother. Since many of the postcards have writing on the back, I planned to put them in photo sleeves so I could see both sides.

After looking extensively online, I determined there are no divided page protectors with pockets the exact size of vintage postcards (go figure!), so I decided to take the easy route and use 4x6 pockets even though they are a little larger. At Memory Bound, I found a SN@P album with 2-up photo sleeves which looked like it would be just fine.

 I sorted the postcards by theme and found that there were several for almost every holiday. I put them in the album in order by holiday (who is surprised by that? LOL), with miscellaneous postcards at the end.

 The pictures do not do these postcards justice! Some of them are absolutely beautiful. I will try to get better photos in the light of day as I finish up this project!

As you can see, the postcards pretty much filled the album, with just a few pockets left at the end for more postcards I am sure to find as I continue sorting through boxes.

I decided that seasonally, I'll slip out a favorite postcard and place it on an easel on the "new" entry way table I brought home from my parents' house. At some point, I may also frame one or two favorites.

The backs of the postcards are fun to read. Once I finish this project I will enjoy seeing what I can decipher from them.
There are just a few things left to do to finish up the album. It came with three chipboard dividers which I may use to break things up a bit. In addition, I plan to write a short cover note and include a photo of my grandma, her brother, and any other family members referenced in the postcards. I'll share photos when I finish the album!

This is the type of project I call "low-hanging fruit" -- something easy to finish which makes you feel like you're making progress. When you have miles and miles to go, these sorts of projects are motivating!

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Maureen said...

Wow, what a great find and a wonderful way to keep these and treasure them. Love old postcards; even better when they are from / to people you know!