22 November 2013

Feline Friday: Upside Down Basketball

 It's college basketball season, which means (now that I've become an IU fan!) you can find me watching Indiana basketball!

 Of course, anytime my lap is available, Lily takes full advantage. As I watched a recent game, I also had a great view of this very soft tummy:

But instead of sleeping, I discovered that Lily was actually watching the game, too!

I wonder how the Hoosiers looked UPSIDE DOWN? ;)
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Maureen said...

Now that looks comfy! Just love it when cats are cuddly... a good way to keep warm - for both of you!

Janet said...

Indeed, there is nothing like a catwarmer! Thanks for stopping by, Maureen!

Sarah Coggins said...

Too cute! Our cat is all over our laps now that it's chilly again (of course, after the 4yo has gone to bed or is a safe distance away - she's still not a fan of him LOL).

Janet said...

Sarah, funny you should say that! Tinsel is very much that way...only sits on my lap in fall and winter! But Lilian will be a lap warmer any time of year!