09 November 2013

Adventures in Pumpkin Drilling

This year, we brought home five lovely pumpkins, two to carve and three just to look cute. For the first time in several years, Spouse decided to carve his pumpkin. And I was inspired by my friend Connie to use a drill on mine. I'd tried it many years ago and loved the results, although I learned NOT to attempt it indoors!
  Because I waited so late to buy my pumpkins, I had only one evening to do the carving. As it turned out, the night was freezing cold so there was NO WAY I was going to drill a pumpkin outside! Back inside I went, drill in hand.
No matter what you're doing with your pumpkin, you have to scoop out the innards. This is my least favorite part. The pumpkin gunk makes my hands and arms itch!
Next, it was time to break out the drill. WHAT A MESS! Little bits of pumpkin flew all over the entryway, in spite of my attempts to keep things under control. This time, Spouse found the wood drill bits for me, which allowed me to make even bigger holes...and a bigger MESS!
Tinsel looked on with alarm from above...

 And I'll admit that it was pretty alarming.

 Lily thought closer supervision was necessary.

But when all was said and done (and all of the pumpkin bits were mopped up!), I was pleased with the way the pumpkin turned out. 

And Spouse's menacing pumpkin face turned out pretty well, too. All in all, it was a successful evening of pumpkin carving!

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Kristina said...

They look great! We did not carve our pumpkins this year. I tied some raffia around their stems and called it good....lol