08 February 2013

Feline Friday: Diggin' It!

 One recent evening I came upon this:

This naughty behavior came as no surprise, as Lily has always loved the napkin basket. Check out some of her past antics


When she was a tiny kitten, Lily often slept in the basket (sans napkins, of course). Like some of us who think we can still squeeze into our size 4 jeans, she thinks she can still squeeze into the napkin basket...even though she's "a little on the chunky side" (said the vet tech last week).

 By the time I discovered her knee-deep in napkins, it was too late to stop her. So naturally I grabbed the camera instead!

Dig, dig, dig...

Dig, dig, dig...napkins flying out of the basket...

Dig, dig, dig... (You can see by her face that she's "in the zone"!)
Shred, shred, shred...

Meanwhile, mild-mannered Tinsel looks on in disbelief.
Whew! I still FITZ! 
(Notice the napkin hanging off her cheek!)

Alltho it iz not quite as comfie as I remembured...

U won't bee mad at me, mommeh, will u?

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