22 February 2013

Feline Friday: Downton Tabby Outtakes

 Since one can never get enough of Downton Abbey, in today's post I'll share the outtakes from Tinsel's recent Downton Tabby photo shoot.

Believe it or not, as soon as I put the pearls around her neck, she started to purr. Guess we should call them PURR-ls! Here is Tinsel's best imitation of Lady Edith.

As soon as I put the hat on, Tinsel hung her head in shame. Perhaps she is pretending to be Ethel, banished from society for her indiscretions.

At the end of the photo shoot, it looked like Tinsel had found Mr. Carson's liquor cabinet! :)

1 comment:

Heather said...

Too cute! I love Downton Abbey!